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Before my work helping others as a Registered Nurse and Certified Health Coach, I had my own health journey. Years ago, I suffered from periods of awful acne, anxiety, menstrual pain, and painful ovarian cysts. I was placed on birth control which ended up increasing my blood pressure to dangerous levels. I got off birth control, back to where I started, and was left confused on what to do.

Did I mention that I ate poorly, rarely got exercise, and became uncomfortable with myself as I began to gain weight? Something needed to change, but I had no clue or where to begin or how to make it happen.

I started looking into more holistic approaches to tackle my issues. My first step was changing my diet and start creating healthier habits. I soon realized that most of my symptoms were due to a hormonal imbalance. My hormones were all over the place! The silver lining was that I now knew this could be improved naturally. Over time, I began to see huge improvements in the way that I looked and felt. I got back to the weight I found most comfortable, my acne cleared up, my menstrual cycle was more regular and less painful, and my ovarian cysts were gone!


I now work with women who have many of these same issues. I have developed a system that works to get your hormones back in balance. I teach women how to upgrade their diet and lifestyle in order to improve their hormone health.

You don't have to live with your unwanted hormonal symptoms and you don't have to accept them as "just a part of being a woman". Its empowering to know that most hormonal issues can be positively impacted by what we eat and our every day lifestyle habits. I cant wait to show you how!

Registered Nurse

Certified Women's Health Coach

Hormone Health Specialist

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