5 Reasons People are Afraid to Try Yoga & Why You Should Reconsider

As a self proclaimed Yogi, I have become obsessed with Yoga over the last 3 years. I can still remember my first class....I was so nervous yet so excited to try it out. It only took one 60 minute class for me to be hooked. Over time I have experienced so many physical and mental benefits since starting my practice.

When talking with a lot of friends, family, and clients, I've found that there are so many people who would love to try yoga but they're held back by fears surrounding taking their first class (I get it because I had some nerves about it too). However, a lot of these fears are based off of misconceptions.

In this podcast I will break down 5 of the most common reasons people are afraid to try yoga.....and why you should reconsider. 

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