Healthier Existence

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Hi There! My name is Brooke and I welcome you to my Healthier Existence blog. One of my passions is helping people understand that getting fit, living healthier, and making positive lifestyle changes to meet your personal goals does not have to be a miserable, unattainable, intimidating task.

My mission as a Registered Nurse, Certified Health Coach, and a self proclaimed #FitChick, is to help people understand that small positive changes over time add up to BIG results.

If you are looking for ways to help create (and maintain) a healthier lifestyle then you came to the right place! I absolutely love helping people lead healthier lives. I am extra passionate about helping the people who can be intimidated by the road to a healthier existence.

My purpose for writing this blog is to help people understand that becoming healthier does not have to be so intimidating. Making and building new healthy habits overtime will truly give you great results. The road to becoming a healthier you can actually be easier than you think. As you see positive changes and improvements in your life, I can guarantee you that it'll become an addiction. You will want to keep up the great work and continue to build and maintain what you've worked so hard for.

I will be blogging about everything from ways to get fit, great tasting recipes that are actually healthy, healthier "fast food" options when you're on the go, home exercises for times that you can't get to the gym, and much more. Let me take this journey with you on a path to a healthier existence.

Welcome to my blog and thank you in advance for reading :-)