I’m finally back...with exciting news!

Hello everyone! I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus but I’m happy to report that, I'M FINALLY BACK TO HEALTHIER EXISTENCE! My husband and I took some time to do some much needed traveling, I was recovering from a back and muscle injury, and time truly got by me. I’ve missed blogging so much and couldn't be happier to get back in the routine of posting new content.  

During my time away, I thought about different ways that I want to revamp the blog and new ideas that I feel will make it bigger and better. I’m excited to announce that a lot of my content on this site will also include podcast episodes!

As much as I love to write things out, there’s something special about also being able to talk to your audience. I love having engaging conversations and think this will help me reach and identify with you all in a better way. My podcast episodes will be posted here as well as on iTunes. I will continue to blog as well.

Thank you all for being so patient and supportive during my hiatus and hope that you like the formatting of the website going forward. I’m so excited to dive into the podcast world and hope that this helps my content come to life! Reminder to check back frequently to stay in the loop.

xoxo -Brooke