Why a Pre-conception Plan is So Important

Did you know that when you want to conceive you should prepare yourself at least 6 months prior? Consider this fact: At 5 weeks gestation, a female embryo is already forming the eggs that will be her future children, YOUR grandchildren....crazy right?! This means that once we conceive, we are literally “programming” our grandkids and generations long after us.

Although we are born with all the eggs that we will ever have at birth, the quality of these eggs can be effected by our diet, our lifestyle, and our environment. When speaking about improving egg quality, this is referring to limiting chromosomal abnormalities. Even though egg quality is effected by our age at conception (you hear the over 35 talk ALL the time I’m sure) and genetics as well, it’s great news to know that if we take care of ourselves and do the best we can to live a healthy lifestyle, this can greatly improve our egg quality. This ultimately leads to a healthier pregnancy and a healthier baby.

For most of a woman’s life her eggs are waiting as immature cells. It’s not until about 3-4 months before ovulation that an egg starts going through a huge transformation. During this time, the maturing egg is picking and choosing chromosomes. If something goes wrong, chromosomal abnormalities will occur. This is why it’s a good idea to start preparing your body for conception before this 3-4 month time period (hence why 6 months is ideal).

With targeted nutrition to optimize fertility along with practicing other healthy lifestyle habits, this can enhance your chances of conceiving, the fetus developing properly, and giving birth to your healthy and precious little one.

Many people think that taking a prenatal vitamin is all that needs to be done to prepare for conception. In reality, the pre-conception time period should include much more. Nutrition is big, but that is still only a piece of the puzzle. Other things should be assessed such as gut health, stress, toxic load in the body, liver health, and hormone balance. All these things come into play and can effect your egg quality. There is no one size fits all approach for everyone, we are all unique.

A lot of my work includes helping clients develop a pre conception plan to address these things and get to the root cause of any issues. This often results in conceiving quicker, or being able to conceive after difficulty. Need help or wanna chat about this further? Schedule a free consultation so we can talk.

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