Why Comparison Can Sabotage the Progression of Your Health & Wellness Journey

If we're being totally honest, I believe that we all have had times in our life where we have gotten bit by the comparison bug. I know I have! Whether based off of appearance, popularity, financial status, or otherwise...it happens. I've also noticed this to be very true as people begin a journey to get healthier as they work to look and feel their best. We may compare our journey to someone else and get a little discouraged if we perceive ourselves to be on the short end of the stick. She's more fit, more toned, lost weight faster, has a better metabolism, has a smaller waist, is more athletic etc. Anything sound familiar?

There's no need in denying that it happens, I believe some of it is human nature to a certain degree. However, when those feelings are not fleeting and they stick around for the long haul, it can sabotage you as you work to meet your own goals.

In this Podcast episode, I speak candidly about comparison, what it can feel like, and why you should be your only measuring stick. Listen below and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes. You'll be notified right away when a new episode is posted.