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I take a holistic and lifestyle based approach when working with clients, addressing the major components of hormonal health including nutrition, digestive health, the body's detox pathways, stress management, sleep, mindset, and physical activity.

As your health coach, I will help you navigate your health challenges and work with you to develop a plan that meets your personal needs and goals. You will have guidance with implementing a personalized and sustainable strategy for YOU.

My purpose is showing women how to integrate healthier lifestyle habits and behaviors to overcome their health challenges, get rid of their hormonal symptoms, and improve their reproductive health and fertility.

Specialties & Areas of Focus

Women's Health & Hormones

  • Painful periods

  • Bothersome premenstrual symptoms

  • Hormonal acne

  • Irregular or absent periods

  • PCOS

  • Fibroids

  • Endometriosis 

  • Libido issues

 Weight Management

  • Holistic weight loss: a non-diet approach where we get to the root cause of weight gain and address those factors. Some examples can include hormonal imbalance, emotional difficulties, thyroid dysfunction, excess stress, and other lifestyle variables.

Fertility & Preconception

  • Male and female preconception plans

  • Cycle regulation post hormonal birth control

  • Natural fertility enhancement

  • Support to enhance IUI or IVF treatments


  • Nutrition guidance & education

  • Corporate wellness workshops and presentations

  • Customized recipes & menu planning resources

  • Detox support

  • Diagnostic testing & supplement recommendations (to be cleared by your personal physician)

  • Stress management resources

  • Hormonal health protocols

  • Digestive health support

Sessions & Packages


75 Minute Single Session


  • 75-90 minute phone or video session

  • Discuss main health concerns and goals

  • Holistic health assessment

  • Dietary & lifestyle analysis

  • Receive Action Plan that includes: dietary recommendations, resources, supplementation recommendations that can be cleared by your personal physician, and helpful lifestyle/behavioral changes.

Who is this for?

You don't need continual support but want one-time guidance for a specific health issue or concern.

3 Month Revitalize Package


3 monthly payment option of $333/month available

  • Initial 60-minute consultation via phone, video, or in person (if local)

  • (6) 50-minute biweekly follow up sessions via phone, Zoom, or in person for local clients.

  • Diagnostic testing recommendations (hormone testing, stool test, food sensitivity test, etc.)

  • My signature whole foods based 21 Day Hormone Detox program

  • Custom hormonal, digestive, detox, stress management, and sleep protocols designed for your unique health concerns

  • Non toxic/all natural product recommendation guide

  • Customized menu planning

  • Customized recipe book for self-guided meal planning

  • Unlimited email and text support

Who is this for?

This for the person truly looking for a transformation. We will spend time getting to the root cause of hormonal imbalance, menstrual and reproductive concerns, and other women's health challenges and customize a plan unique and specific to your needs.


Perfect for those diagnosed with conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, and fibroids, those who have absent cycles, women transitioning off hormonal birth control who need support in restoring balance, and those preparing to conceive or have had difficulty getting pregnant.

6 Week Rejuvenate Package


  • Initial 60-minute session via phone, Zoom or in person (if local)

  • (3) 50 min biweekly sessions via phone, Zoom, or in person (if local)

  • My signature 28 Day Eat for Hormonal Health guidebook and menu plan

  • Custom protocols for your specific health concerns

  • Diagnostic testing recommendations (hormone testing, stool test, food sensitivity test, etc.)

  • Email support between sessions

Who is this for?

Recommended for those who want to develop a solid foundation and need initial support to begin combating hormonal issues such as acne, PMS, and menstrual concerns.  Also helpful for those needing direction with losing weight in a holistic fashion.

Complimentary 20 minute  consultation

  • Need help but not sure where to start?

  • Have more questions about my programs and packages to figure out which may be right for you?

Additional Offerings

Group Coaching: Interested in one of the programs above but don't want to rock it out solo? Or maybe you'd like me to personalize a program specifically for you and a group of family, friends, or coworkers. I offer group coaching services in person and online.

Corporate Wellness: Your place of business need some help with health promotion? I offer workshops, presentations, wellness consultations for your employees, and personalized programs to help everyone look and feel their best.

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Registered Nurse

Certified Women's Health Coach

Hormone Health Specialist

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